The statistics for a particular country for a particular user - how often the user has sighted in the country, and when they last sighted there.


Name Type Mandatory Description
country String Yes

The name of the country.

last_sighting_date DateTime Yes The date/time the user last sighted in this country in UTC.
last_sighting_tz_offset Integer Yes

The timezone offset for the attribute last_sighting_date.

Valid values are from -720 (UTC-12:00) to 840 (UTC+14:00).

num_sightings Integer Yes The number of Sightings the user has made in this country.


    "length": 3,
    "next_cursor": "E-ABAOsB8gENbnVtX3NpZ2h0aW5nc_oBAggB7AGCAnxqEHN-cmVzaWdodGluZy1hcGlyaAsSBFVzZXIiJGJmMTBhZDAxLTVlN2ItNGNlZS1hOTI3LTljMWI5ZTg4ODlhNQwLEglVc2VyU3RhdHMiCXVzZXJzdGF0cwwLEhBVc2VyQ291bnRyeVN0YXRzIgxWYXRpY2FuIENpdHkMFA==",
    "list": [
            "last_sighting_tz_offset": -240,
            "country": "United States",
            "last_sighting_date": "2013-08-09T21:23:19.131623Z",
            "num_sightings": 31
            "last_sighting_tz_offset": 120,
            "country": "Denmark",
            "last_sighting_date": "2012-09-01T19:59:28.643036Z",
            "num_sightings": 21
            "last_sighting_tz_offset": 120,
            "country": "Sweden",
            "last_sighting_date": "2011-10-16T14:19:33.132582Z",
            "num_sightings": 9
    "fetch_size": 20

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