The Upload object is the response from the Upload method that gives you a unique Id (the blobtracker_id) for your upload. This Id can then be used in calls to other APIs (for example CreateSighting) where an image needs to be supplied.


Name Type Mandatory Description
blobtracker_id String Yes

A unique id identifying the image that has been uploaded. This can be passed to methods that require an image.

expiry_date DateTime Yes

The date/time the image expires and will be deleted from Resighting if it isn’t used by another method.


    "expiry_date": "2012-04-18T12:30:02.560243Z",
    "blobtracker_id": "AMIfv97N2-nmB67109U9aGxveSNO1sYAoZgCS_BYJYudEv-M023eus2d-zPW52dyxxtWLlJ4OU2HLtGBgOD5yMWgcqQetqPkmBeCr44wIFvpF70FuDvjo3oUnMDmgc3I7aKPCDXdMe-4B2kiQ_bXCMN7ffWD8MP-jw"

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