The API methods that add or change data in Resighting all support sandbox mode. In sandbox mode as much validation of your request as possible is performed but no writes are made to the datastore. This makes it possible for you to test your integration with the Resighting API without adding or changing data in Resighting.

The methods perform as much validation as is possible, but there is some remaining validation that cannot be performed in sandbox mode. Therefore it is possible (though quite unlikely) that code run in sandbox mode will still fail outside sandbox mode.

Sandbox Success ResponsesEdit

If a method invoked in sandbox mode completes successfully, a response of the object type normally returned by the method will be returned. The data in the returned object will be dummy data according to the following rules:

  • Integer, Long and Float attributes will have the value zero.
  • Boolean attributes will have the value False.
  • String attributes will have as their value the name of the attribute.
  • DateTime attributes will be the current date and time in UTC.

In addition to this, an additional attribute is added to the response - a boolean attribute named sandbox, which will have the value True.

Name Type Mandatory Description
sandbox Boolean Yes

Always true.

Sandbox Error ResponsesEdit

In case of an error, the error response that would be returned in non-sandboxed mode will be returned, i.e. there should be no differences between sandboxed and non-sandboxed error responses. The sandbox attribute is not added to error responses. See Errors for a full list of error responses.

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