The Locator object represents the details of a Locator.


Name Type Mandatory Description
closed Boolean Yes

Whether this is a closed (true) or an open (false) Locator.

create_date DateTime Yes

The date/time that the Locator was created.

description String(500) No

The description of the Locator.

locator_id Long Yes

The unique id of the Locator.

name String(50) Yes

The name of the Locator.

update_date DateTime Yes

The date/time the Locator was last updated.


    "update_date": "2012-03-25T21:52:07.622710Z", 
    "create_date": "2012-03-25T21:52:07.622376Z", 
    "description": "Things to do in La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes, France.",
    "locator_id": 129001, 
    "closed": false,  
    "name": "La Rochelle"

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