The List object is returned by listing methods (for example ListSightings and ListUserSightings). The type of objects in the list (the list attribute) will depend upon the specific API method.


Name Type Mandatory Description
length Integer Yes

The number of items returned in the list.

fetch_size Integer No

The number of items which were requested.


String(500) No

A cursor string which can be passed to future invocations of the list method to get the next page of results.

Not all lists return a cursor, specifically nearest Sightings lists (as returned by the ListSightings method for example) do not.

Lists containing no items do not include a cursor.

list Object[] Yes

The list of items.

The type of object is dependent upon the specific API method.


    "length": 20,
    "next_cursor": "E-ABAOsB8gEMcHVibGlzaF9kYXRl-gEJCJC1vd_5kK8C7AGCAkxqCnJlc2lnaHRpbmdyPgsSBFVzZXIiJGJmMTBhZDAxLTVlN2ItNGNlZS1hOTI3LTljMWI5ZTg4ODlhNQwLEghTaWdodGluZxja3B0MFA==",
    "list": [ ... ],
    "fetch_size": 20

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