Resighting stores avatar and evidence images internally at one resolution and then resizes and crops them as necessary each time they are displayed. When the user uploads an avatar or evidence, it is reduced in size to longest-side 600 pixels and stored like that unless its longest side is already less than 600 pixels in which case it is stored as-is. Images are stored as jpegs regardless of the file type uploaded. Note that avatar images are not cropped to a square, they are stored with their original dimensions.

Avatar and Evidence objects contain a serving url like the one below where the avatar or evidence image can be retrieved. If you wish to show a different-sized image you can follow the instructions below.

Note that the serving urls are not on the domain.


To resize an image whilst keeping its original dimensions, append “=sSIZE” to the serving url where SIZE is an integer length for the longest side between 0 and 1600.

For example, to resize the above image to have longest side of 300 pixels, append “=s300” to the url:

Images can be scaled-up or scaled-down as required.

Cropping to a squareEdit

To crop and resize the image (whatever its original dimensions) to a square, append “=sSIZE-c” to the url, where SIZE is an integer length for the side between 0 and 1600. For example:

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