Every piece of software that integrates with the Resighting API needs to first be registered on the Resighting website. Registering gives you an Application Id and Client Secret, which you can then provide during the authorisation process in order to get an Access Token, which you then pass with each API call. It doesn't matter what kind of software you have that needs to access the API, for example a website or an iPhone app, all software needs to be registered first.

This article covers registering a new Application on the Resighting website and managing existing Applications. For information on authorisation to get an Access Token, see the Authorisation Guide.

Becoming a Resighting API developerEdit

In order to register a new Application you first must log in to If you do not already have an account at you'll need to sign up before continuing.

Once you have successfully logged-in, visit the developer pages shown below.

Create Application 1

The first time you visit this page you will be asked to confirm that you wish to join the Resighting developer programme - this only needs to be done once, is free, and enables you to register Applications that use the API.

If you agree and wish to continue, tick the check-box and click the Join Developer Programme button. Now you're ready to create your first Application.

Creating an ApplicationEdit

Once you are a registered Resighting developer, visit the developer pages each time you need to create a new Application or manage your existing ones. The page looks as below and gives you two options, to create a new Application or to view your existing Applications.

Create Application 2

For now select the option to Create an Application. The next page you are presented with asks you to enter the details of the Application. You need to enter four pieces of information about your Application and all four are required.

Field Description
Application Name The name of your Application. Maximum 40 characters.
Description A sentence or two describing your Application. Maximum 200 characters.
URL A URL where more information about your Application can be found.
Application Type

The type of Application you are developing.

There are currently two options: "Website" and "Native Application". Choose the option that most closely classifies your Application. For example, if you are developing a website that will read and display information from Resighting then select "Website". On the other hand if you are developing an Android app to allow users to create Sightings then select "Native Application".

When a user authorises your Application to access their Resighting account they are shown the Application Name, Description and URL, so think about this when choosing what to enter. All the above information may be changed at a later date so if you are not sure, just enter something simple for now and edit it later.

As an example, the details of the Application created for the Resighting iPhone app is:

Create Application 3

So you can see how the above information is used, when later a user is asked to authorise the Resighting iPhone app to access their Resighting account they will be shown the following page. The links are to the URL entered in the Create Application page above.

Create Application 4

When you are happy with the details you have entered, click the Create button. Once the Application has been created you will be shown the following page, which confirms the details you have entered and also shows you your unique Application Id and Client Secret. Ensure you keep your Client Secret a secret, do not share it with anyone.

Create Application 6

You are now ready for a user to authorise your Application to access their Resighting account, which will provide your Application with an Access Token to access the API. See the Authorisation Guide for more details.

Managing existing ApplicationsEdit

To manage your Applications visit the developer pages and select the View your Applications link.

Create Application 5

On this page you are presented with a list of the Applications that you have created and selecting one takes you to the detail page for that Application. The detail page for the Resighting iPhone Application created in the previous step looks as follows.

Create Application 6

Here you may change the Application Name, Description, URL and Application Type, renew your Client Secret and deactivate the Application.

If your Client Secret leaks-out you can use the Renew link on this page to change it to a random new one. Note though that when you do this all Access Tokens that have been issued for your Application will immediately be revoked and users will have to re-authorise your Application to access their Resighting account - therefore don't renew it lightly.

You can also deactivate your Application on this page if you don't wish users to use it any more. This will prevent new users authorising your Application to use their Resighting account and will also disable all existing Access Tokens. Once deactivated there is an option to reactivate again.

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